Taylor Swift Named Most Charitable Celeb, Which Almost Makes Her Less Annoying

Taylor SwiftIf I had to pick my least favorite pop star, I think it might be Taylor Swift. I actually don't know much about her music (aside from being exposed to that "We Are Never Ever Ever Ever Like Everrrrr Getting Back Together" song, which I found about as pleasant and catchy as listening to my children whine in the Ninjago aisle at Toys R Us), but I find her tragic breakup queen status annoying. Sure, it sells albums, but jeez. She dated John Mayer, for christ's sake. Are we really supposed to feel sorry for her?

Anyway, a runner-up on my nonexistent list of young celebrities who need a nice tall glass of STFU might be Miley Cyrus. We get it -- you left your squeaky-clean Disney persona behind years ago and you want us all to see your tits. Super. Pass the salvia.

Still, as irritating as I find both these young stars to be, today's surprising announcement from DoSomething may have just changed my mind. Because WOW, these seemingly fluffy girls are rocking the charity work.


It turns out that according to DoSomething.org, Taylor Swift was the most charitable celebrity of 2012. In addition to her ongoing work to help young cancer victims and her various benefit concerts and storm relief efforts, she also donated $4 million to the Country Hall of Fame Museum. In fact, she recently became the youngest person to ever receive the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert F. Kennedy Center for her charity work.

As for Miley Cyrus, she's been honored for her promotion of Saving Spot! Rescue, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a home for dogs from high-kill shelters, and she's done a lot of work raising awareness for other charitable organizations like Save the Music Foundation, the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Who knew? I mean, I guess I thought both of them were too busy being outrageous/writing about ex-boyfriends to spend their time doing good works. Anyway, good for them, and kudos to Channing Tatum, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Pink, Selena Gomez, Ian Somerhalder, and all the other celebs who made the list.

I wonder what Taylor Swift's reaction was when she heard she made the number one spot on Do Something's 'Celebs Gone Good' list? Call me crazy, but I bet it was something like this:

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Are you surprised Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus are considered two of the most charitable celebrities?

Image via Taylor Swift

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