Prince William Saves Sick Infant & Steals Our Hearts With His Heroism

prince william RAFIt isn't enough that Prince William helped rescue shipwrecked Russian seamen and, this past summer, teenage girls stranded at sea. Now he has to go and make us swoon by swooping in and saving a sick infant. No, really! Last Saturday, December 15, the Duchess's handsome royal hubby had the baby airlifted out of Northern Ireland, despite an alleged security threat in the region. He then had the child transported from Antrim Hospital to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, a Royal Air Force spokesman told Us Weekly.

Huh! And we thought it was enough that the guy's a real prince. Now it's looking like he's more Superman than future king!


At the very least, he's sure to make a fantastic father when Kate gives birth several months from now. Oh, sure, we already had a hunch the guy was bound to be a caring, loving, warm spouse and daddy, given that his late mum was Princess Di ... And he has always seemed to take after her and strive to keep her memory alive, in part by acting in similarly compassionate ways.

But stories like these serve as concrete proof that Prince William really is as much of a mensch as we thought! Even more so. I mean, sure, the RAF has him specializing in search and rescue ... But how can hearing that he rescued a sick infant despite dangerous circumstances not completely melt your heart? It makes him seem like an even hotter catch than he did when magazines like BOP and Tiger Beat used to print pinups of his royal teenage hotness.

Well, the poor Duchess may have her work cut out for her with battling hyperemesis gravidarum during her first, incredibly public pregnancy, but at the very least, she can rest assured she has a truly amazing, selfless, not to mention heroic husband and future father at her side.   

How awesome is this? What kind of father do you think Prince William will be?

Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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