Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson Has a Sex Tape & Is Sooo Upset It Was Released (No, He Isn't)

chad ochocinco johnsonHey guess what? Chad "Ochocino" Johnson has a sex tape. And it's, as sex tapes are wont to do, been leaked. Apparently, the video features the former NFL player/Dancing With the Stars contestant and not one, but two female "friends." World Star Hip Hop released a few stills of the video, and, um, it's definitely Johnson all right (heh). According to Johnson, the video, which was shot in a Florida hotel room "three to four years ago," won't cause problems between him and Evelyn Lozada (his former wife with whom he's trying to reconcile). Johnson also is supposedly exploring his legal options to have the tape -- which has thus far only been released in bits and pieces -- removed from the Internet. Sure, now he is.


I really don't know how many times it has to be said: If you don't want people seeing a sex tape, don't make a sex tape. Really, it's very simple. So simple, in fact, that the only logical explanation for some (read: most) celebrities' leaked sexy times tapes (or naked photos) is, well, that they want the world to see them. I mean, it worked out like gangbusters for Kim Kardashian, but not everyone will become a multi-multi-millionaire from a sex tape making its rounds on the Internet.

Chad, I appreciate this whole "Oh my God, I'm so annoyed this super private tape of me in an intimate moment was released" shtick. But come on, dude. Everyone knows what happens when you make a sex tape. Including you. 

What do you think of Chad Johnson having a sex tape? Do you think its release was an accident? Or do you think it was an "accident"?


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