Katy Perry's Ugly Christmas Sweater Proves She's Just Like Us (VIDEO)

If Katy Perry and John Mayer's taste in sweaters is any indication, these two might be made for each other! Both have stepped out in that fine holiday tradition of the ugly ass Christmas sweater. You know the ones I'm talking about -- those "festive" (i.e. far too embarrassing to leave the house in) sweaters. Sometimes they're festooned with reindeers, sometimes Christmas ornaments, sometimes snowmen. But always, always, with bad taste.


Katy's sweater is actually a sweater coat made by fancy schamancy designer Dolce & Gabbana. Which doesn't make it any less  holiday hideous. John's polka-dotted reinder and Christmas tree sweater was no prettier -- though he wore it a few years ago on Ellen DeGeneres. Wonder if he's worn it since?

One of the more classic scenes of ugly sweater humiliation is when Renee Zellweger, playing Bridget Jones, spots her future soul mate, Mark, at a Christmas gathering. Seeing the hot Colin Firth from only the back, Bridget's mind goes wild. "Ding dong ... Maybe this was the mysterious Mr. Right I've been waiting my whole life to meet," she swoons. But then Mark -- and his big old hurtin' the eyes green reindeer sweater -- turns around. Bridget: "Maybe not."

People enjoy wearing these ugly sweaters in an ironic sense too. There are ugly Christmas sweater parties, ugly Christmas sweater party books, songs, and websites that promise to sell the "ugliest Christmas sweaters ever!"

I don't think anyone -- not even Katy Perry -- looks good in an ugly Christmas sweater. But there's something endearing about someone who tries.

Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater?


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