Robert Pattinson Wears Floral-Lined Jacket Explaining Why He Forgave KStew (PHOTO)

robert pattinsonRobert Pattinson is just a cool dude. Who else could get cheated on, have it splashed all over the news, and then decide to forgive and get back together, and still not lose an ounce of swagger? This guy. So what if Kristen Stewart had some fling with that director. RPattz is going to keep mum, flash those dazzling baby blues, make all the girls think for a hot second he was single and back on the market and then BLAM! Back together with his sweet little harlot. I mean, honey. Everyone was looking for answers. Why would Robert Pattinson, one of the most beloved vampires in the world, the Alexander Skarsgard of the younger set, one of the most coveted lovers to grace the silver screen, why why why would he get back together with the woman who so publicly disgraced the sanctity of their love?

Here's your answer: Because he's the kind of guy who wears floral-lined jackets.


That's our very own brooding boyfriend trying to go incognito through JFK airport on Saturday. Hair freshly cut. Cool guy sunnies on. Emo-cred guitar in hand. And that jacket -- black and slick on the outside, tiny flowers adorning the inside. Like a guy who wears pink. A man who loves guyliner. Like the dude who buy flowers for himself. Like the man who is more manly because he isn't afraid to just be himself. This is why Robert Pattinson forgave Kristen Stewart -- he is in touch with his emotions, he follows his heart, he doesn't care what other people think, and even though he's a superstar, he seems like a down-to-earth real man. The kind of real man who isn't afraid to wear a jacket with a flower print all over the inside. The kind of man who loves his woman through the good times and the bad. The guy of man who sings: "Stand by your (wo)man! Even if she screws up royally!"

I happen to think it's a stylish jacket. I also think men can wear floral, just like women can wear a jacket lined with tow trucks. Or moustaches. Or whatever is considered a manly print. 

Rock on, RPattz. If your tighty whities had a heart print, I'd love you even more. 

What do you think of Robert Pattinson's floral-lined jacket? Do you think this explains why he forgave KStew?


Image via Splash

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