Ashton Kutcher Spends Christmas With Mila Kunis at His Parents' House

ashton milaJust a few days after getting officially divorced from Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher was spotted getting all huggy, cozy, and lovey with Mila Kunis and some peach yogurt. Finally, the big D word happened despite the rumors Demi was trying to delay it. The MilAshtons were spotted chowing down on some Fruitzen Frozen Yogurt in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which is Kutcher's hometown. While Ashton had peach, Mila ate the orange sorbet in case you were wondering. Yes, Ashton is home for the holidays and he brought his "new" (old friend) lady love with him.

This news cannot be sweet for Demi Moore. If I were her, I'd be really annoyed. Not because her ex-hubby moved on with someone else -- that was destined to happen. But because of WHO he moved on with. How trite. How predictable. How Hollywood. I think Demi is going to rise above though.


Demi is gorgeous and smart and has one of the best voices ever and will find love again if that's what she wants. Sure she had that breakdown, but what person who went through a breakup hasn't gone through some really tough times. Breaking up -- even if it's something you want to happen -- is tougher than Bruce Willis. And Demi got through that breakup and managed to stay friends with the Die Hard star. That, my friends, is survivalist stuff of Hollywood proportions. Plus breakdowns add character and allow for a huge comeback, with extra bonus points if Quentin Tarantino casts you in a film. (Hey, Quentin, call Demi next!)

Demi has Bruce on her side, she has all those kids she had with Bruce on her side ... well, except for daughter Rumer, who likes to hang out with her mom's ex. Come on, girl! Stay in mom's corner! He is closer in age to her kid -- Demi and Ashton are 16 years apart -- so perhaps they can relate more? Rumer is 10 years younger than Ashton and just 5 years younger than Mila. Technically he was her step-dad for six years so I guess it's okay. Still just seems weird.

I'll try to be happy for Mila and Ashton. You go love each other and your yogurt, kids! Yay for you! They do make sense together. Silly and tragically adorable. Clearly they aren't upset about the divorce or any of the press that comes along with it. How do I know for sure? You only drown your sorrows in real ice cream, none of this froyo crap.

What do you think of Ashton and Mila being officially offical and spending the holidays at his family's house? Too soon? And don't you think Quentin should call up Demi? Great idea, right?


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