Melissa Gorga's Family Christmas Card Is Going to Make Teresa Giudice Soooo Mad

melissa gorgaSomething tells me that Real Housewives of New Jersey's Teresa Giudice is going to hate Melissa Gorga's Christmas card. Melissa shared her family's holiday greeting with Us Weekly, and the picture shows husband Joe Gorga and her looking happy as can be with their three young children in their New Jersey backyard. They look natural. They're smiling. They look functional. They look like people you'd be friends with ... or more notably, they look like people you'd side with.

Oh man. Poor Teresa's probably seething over there in that debt-ridden Barbie playhouse of hers that she calls a home.


Because if there's anything Teresa hates most, it's her brother and sister-in-law's happiness. I bet Teresa would only be satisfied if the Gorgas' card featured Joe and Melissa on the pole, since, ya know, they're strippers and everything.

Teresa's cards, on the other hand, are nice, but they're completely staged and devoid of any emotion. They're more like a lesson in how many bows one child can wear and less about the love that binds a family together during the holidays.

But Melissa's card? It's full of realness. She's not putting on airs. She's not pretending to be something that she's not, which Teresa does ad nauseam. I mean, you couldn't even get that woman to admit to blinking.

There are a few rumors that Teresa's "really happy" for Melissa's new book deal, but please, we all know these two will never work things out. I'm sure Tre's just as miffed by this simple Christmas card as she is by Melissa's soon-to-be bestseller.

Oh, and one more thing about the Gorgas' card. How brilliant is the photographer for shooting the pic on a hill? Joe Gorga's elfin status is suddenly elevated to human levels when he stands on a slope. Genius.

Happy holidays!

What do you think of the Gorgas' holiday card?


Photo via Linda Marie

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