Snooki Goes From 'Jersey Shore' to Beverly Hills Housewife With New Bestie Kyle Richards (PHOTO)

snooli kyle richardsThe Jersey Shore finale was last night and we all stared with dead, uncaring eyes as those greased up children said farewell to Seaside Heights and their relevancy. Well, everyone said goodbye to their relevancy except for Snooki, that is. We all know she's not going anywhere. Snook's got a plan -- she's got her books to sell, her clothing line, and her general barnacle-like hold on the sinking ship that is our society that will keep her timely forever. And, from the looks of it, Snooki might be staying on reality TV, too. She was spotted with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards in L.A. this week.

Dear god below, please let Snooki be angling for a spot on RHOBH. Please please please please please. I'll do anything.


It would just be so jarring to see Snooki, who would obviously go by Nicole once she's named a Housewife, having lunch with Taylor. Could you imagine what she'd say if Taylor had one of her meltdowns? I can just see her staring with startled, wide eyes as this thin, large-lipped woman crumbled in front of her. It's just, I don't think Snooki's ever come in contact with anyone in their 40s before. She wouldn't know how to handle it.

And a Snooki/Lisa Vanderpump lunch at Sur would just be epic. They'd have nothing to talk about. It would be brilliantly awkward. But, you know, I bet Snooki and Brandi would get along, and probably Snooki and Kim, too -- those two seem like they share one, singular wavelength.

The best Snooki/RHOBH match-up, though, would be between her and wannabe Faye Resnick. I'd just love to see Snooki go all guidette on Faye and call her out for the phony poser she really is. Then I'd like her to make fun of Faye's extensions ... maybe even pull them out, RHOA style.

No word on how Kyle and Snooki's date went, but one can only hope they're on a conference call with Andy Cohen as we speak. Dreams do come true, people. Just ask Snooki.

Snooki on the RHOBH: discuss.


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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