Taylor Swift Wants to Buy a House Near Harry Styles' Family -- Sound Familiar?

Taylor Swift and Harry StylesI seriously cannot handle Taylor Swift. The girl's 23 years old and has somehow had more epic romances than nearly anyone else in Hollywood. I didn't think that it could get any crazier than when she was dating Conor Kennedy and bought a house near his house, but I was wrong. Because now that she's so totally an item with One Direction singer Harry Styles, it's OBVIOUS she needs to look into buying a perfect little cottage near his parents' house, right?

Yes. I'm serious. Radar Online is reporting that when Taylor and Harry went to visit his parents in England, she fell in love with the area and voiced her interest in buying a place nearby. SERIOUSLY?! How long have these kids been dating? Like 30 seconds?

I get it Tay, you have a lot of money and maybe spending a casual half mil here and there to buy convenient housing near your boo of the month doesn't faze you. But this is no small decision. Not for anyone.


When you're dating someone, it's huge to relocate your whole life to work around theirs. Long distance dating is no fun, but whether it's moving 10 city blocks or across the country (or continent, in Swift's case), it's a big deal and a HUGE choice.

We've all been in that head-over-heels this is still new phase where all you want to do is spend all of your time with the person you adore. That's not the time to decide to make a huge life change. You need to evaluate: Is me moving close to that person GOOD for me? Are there career options there? It's important to consider if pulling the trigger on a move could have negative effects on other important parts of your life, like the relationship you have with your family and friends.

I've been there. I dated a guy who was away on a deployment for a year, and when he came back and still lived an hour away, all I wanted to do was figure out a way for us to be closer together. But then reality set in: My job was an hour away in the OTHER direction and moving in together halfway would mean sacrificing my sanity and massively inconveniencing myself every single day.

I'm not saying that Taylor can't have a vacation house in England. Heck, buy one in the Bahamas too while you're at it, the pink sandy beaches there are my favorite. Just try and make logical decisions, my dear girl ... if that's possible. Being impulsive is fun, but putting a house on the market when your relationship goes down the tubes, not so much.

Do you think Taylor Swift has lost her marbles? Have you ever made a major move to be closer to someone you love?


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