Robert Pattinson's Dinner With Unknown Blonde Makes It Seem Like He Wants Revenge

Robert Pattinson and Kristen StewartJust you wait, my sweet.Robert Pattinson REALLY knows how to nail it to Kristen Stewart for all she's put him through. Apparently the soon-to-be Dior spokesmodel went out with a group of friends and one unidentified blonde last night to a restaurant in New York City. Holy moly! How DARE he go to a restaurant he's been to before with Kristen in the company of another woman. The tragedy. The HORROR!

OK, OK. So let's be real, nothing's going on here. In fact, my guess is the blonde is probably dating one of the guys Rob was chowing down with, and to boot -- a diner at the restaurant said they were not flirting at ALL. 

It does kind of bring up an interesting question though: Has Rob contemplated getting Kristen back for her shenanigans? Because I can't necessarily say I'd blame him.


Hold your horses, I'm not saying that Rob should go out and do something epic like cheat on Kristen like she cheated on him. But we've all been there. Infidelity or not, when someone you're with does something to hurt your feelings, it's human nature to want to do something ballsy to "get them back."

Say for instance that your husband spends a night with the guys watching football and leaves you home last minute with the kids when you two had plans to call up a babysitter and go on a dinner date. Well, he can't be surprised when you go to run "errands" the next day and end up going on an all-day shopping trip with your best friend.

So the question arises: Is revenge healthy? Well to an extent, I think it is. Playful revenge, that is. You and your partner need to have a healthy enough relationship where you understand why it is you're acting the way you're acting, and that the sneaky stuff never gets malicious. You need to ask yourself: Is there some other motive for the hubby heading out with the guys? Is something bothering him?

We could pose these same thought process questions to Rob. Was there something going on between him and Kristen at the time of this whole cheating scandal that led her astray? Heck, we may never know. What we do know, though, is that I'm sure there are a bazillion girls out there who wouldn't mind harmlessly joining you for a revenge cup of coffee, Robby.

Do you think Rob deserves revenge on Kristen? Do you and your partner have a habit of going tit for tat?


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