Chris Brown Tweets a Picture of Him With Rihanna Even Though They're Dunzo

Oh, that Rihanna and Chris Brown. Those two kids! They're just like Romeo and Juliet. Only ... not. Are they together or not together? Sort of together? Kinda not together? Who the hell knows. I don't even think they know.

Apparently Chris Brown himself is confused because he recently tweeted a picture of him and Rihanna together (their whole relationship is via tweet, if you ask me) and then removed it 15 minutes later. Wait, I thought Chris Brown left Twitter. You mean he's back? Ughhh. Anyway, you can only imagine the call Chris got (if he and Rihanna actually talk on the phone, that is). Browwwwnnnn!! You bettah take that thing down!!! Apparently the photo was taken before they broke up, because now Rihanna is partying it up solo in Barbados. Hey, Chris, if you're trying to get your lady to forgive you, maybe flowers, not a tweet, is in order.


The pic came a week after Rihanna apparently dumped Chris via a series of vague but angry tweets in which she wrote things like, "Examine what you tolerate" and "Never underestimate a man's ability to make you feel guilty for his mistakes." Roh-roh. Sounds like trouble in paradise.

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So what got Rihanna so irate? Could it be that Chris was reportedly partying with scantily clad ladies in Paris? Or that he allegedly also met up with his sometime maybe sorta on-off (ex?) girlfriend Karrueche Tran? I'm not sure why that would bother her any more than getting a fist in the face, but hey. Love is crazy, y'all!

Even one of the pair's friends, Christina Milian, seems confused about the whole thing. Despite a bunch of tweets of Chris and Rihanna together (even in bed. ew.), she said, "From what I've always known, [Karrueche] is his girlfriend."

Hmm, Rihanna. Maybe getting back together with a guy who posted a drunken video confession about how he loves two women at the same time wasn't such a hot idea. And there's that whole busted up face thing too. Just sayin'.

Do you think Chris and Rihanna are together? Do you care?

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