Robert Pattinson Shaved His Head & Now What Are We Supposed to Do?

rpattz hair
In hairier days.
If you got Robert Pattinson some hair gel for Christmas, I hope you kept the receipt. Photos have surfaced of RPattz that suggest he's shaved his head. That's right, those gorgeous, gravity-defying locks of his are now somewhere in a barber's trash can.

Before you go sprinting through NYC to find those follicles to make yourself an RPattz baby using his DNA, let's take a moment to calm down and read the details.


Rob was caught leaving the Waverly Inn restaurant in New York on Wednesday night wearing a black, wool hat. It covered up most of his hair, but enough of the sides were visible, revealing some very, very short hair.

Sleepless nights ahead for all of us!

But who knows, maybe the haircut is for a role? Rob's got five movies in pre-production right now (Mission: Blacklist; Hold On to Me; The Rover; Queen of the Desert; Maps to the Stars), so perhaps his shorn head is for a part in one of those flicks.

Or maybe he's pulling a Miley Cyrus and is just taking scissors to his head willy nilly. Good times. And you never know, maybe he's going to announce his engagement to Liam Hemsworth, as well. I'd support it.

In any case, I don't suppose his new 'do will lose him any fans. RPattz can do no wrong these days. I just have to wonder what his wife thinks of all this.

Thoughts on his new 'do?


Photo via Splash News

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