If LeAnn Rimes Wasn't Wasted on ‘X Factor,' How Do We Explain Her Shaky Performance? (VIDEO)

LeAnn RimesFinally LeAnn Rimes is making headlines and it's not for her continuous feud with her husband's ex-wife Real Housewife Brandi Glanville, although it's not for the greatest of reasons. The singer, who recently finished a 30-day stint in rehab for anxiety and stress, joined X Factor finalist Carly Rose Sonenclar on stage last night for a performance of her '90s hit "How Do I Live" and, well, didn't seem 100 percent right.

During the song, Rimes seemed to struggle, overlapped with Sonenclar a whole slew of times, and at one point I swear it looked like she was leaning on 13-year-old Carly for stability, who was probably already nervous as hell as it was.

Rimes tells TMZ she was not under the influence and that she "was not performing the way she normally performs, because she was on stage with a young girl." Well I hate to say this Rimes, but intoxicated or not, Carly outsang you HARD.


I just can't get over how mega talented this girl is at 13 years old. Her range is sick, and her performance of Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" on last night's show literally brought me to tears.

If anything, it seemed to me like having LeAnn by her side actually brought her down. The two of them didn't blend well together, and it didn't feel natural. Do I think she was drunk? Well, she definitely didn't seem right. Whether it's the stress that's still getting to her or maybe that she just hasn't performed in a while, I hope that LeAnn gets the help she needs, period.

Check out their performance of "How Do I Live" for yourself:

Do you think LeAnn was tipsy? What do you think of Carly Rose Sonenclar?


Image via TheXFactorUSA/YouTube

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