'The Elf on the Shelf' ® Visits 'SNL' & He's Way More Naughty Than Nice (VIDEO)

snl elf on shelfTalk about a Christmas controversy! "The Elf on the Shelf" ® is bigger than Santa Claus these days, with households divided and friendships at a crossroads over whether the holiday tradition is innocently cute or insidiously creepy. (Okay, hopefully friendships aren't actually breaking up over the issue, but people sure are up in arms over this thing.)

And just in case you needed further proof of the Elf's place in the cultural zeitgeist, the little guy made his first appearance on Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" -- well, almost.


Sadly, the bit was ultimately cut from last weekend's episode, but thankfully this hilarious clip from the dress rehearsal is going viral so we don't have to miss this hilarious dialogue between Seth Meyers and a miniature version of Bobby Moynihan about the Elf's secret obsession with ratting kids out and exactly what kind of naughty hijinks the grownups of America indulge in when they think nobody's watching ...

But beware: He's a bitter little dude. (Just as I suspected!)

Watch this clip and tell us ...

Do you think this is what "The Elf on the Shelf" ® would say if he came to life?

Image via Hulu

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