Kim Kardashian Might Leave Instagram & The Possibility Is Keeping Us Up at Night

Kim KardashianOMG you guys, have you heard the terrible news about Instagram? No, I'm not talking about the updated version of insanely popular photo-sharing service's privacy policy and terms of service which caused a massive online kerfuffle as people began freaking out that Instagram has plans to use personal images in order to sell dildos and laxatives and whatnot. I'm talking about the nightmarish possibility that as a result of these changes, Kim Kardashian may stop using Instagram altogether.

I KNOW!!!!!

Not only is she reportedly threatening to leave the photo service if they don't revise their terms of service, she's threatening to find a NEW photo-sharing company ... and take all 5,726,343 of her followers with her. I sure hope Instagram is listening, because without Kim Kardashian -- well, what's the point? What's the point of Instagram? What's the point of ANYTHING?


I mean, can you even imagine a world without Kim Kardashian's Instagram images? This photo, for instance, which depicts a sugary concoction on the left and a plate of ahi tuna on the right. Without such scintillating visuals, and commentary such as "really want this frozen hot choc but gonna be good & eat this tuna salad instead," what would the one hundred and forty-five thousand people that have liked that particular picture do with their lives? FALL INTO AN UNENDING PIT OF BLEAK DESPAIR, THAT'S WHAT.

Plus, if Kim leaves, her family might follow suit, and then who would be left using Instagram? NO ONE, because while Kim is at the number one position (with more followers than Justin Bieber or Barack Obama), Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, and Rob are also in the top 10 most followed.

The rest of us would be left alone. Alone in an empty, Kardashian-free world where people share photos of their cats and kids. Oh god, it's ... it's just too awful to even contemplate.

So please rethink your stance, Kim Kardashian. We need to live vicariously through your Instagrammed moments. The shopping trips, the jewelry, the exotic vacations, the fashion shoots, the Kandid Kardarshian family Kaptures, the Kanye. The vital reminder that sometimes, you're just a simple girl in a "side part kinda mood."

Would you be upset if Kim Kardashian stopped using Instagram?

Image via evarinaldiphotography/Flickr

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