Kristen Stewart’s Eyebrow Makeover Has Totally Improved Her Look (PHOTOS)

kristen stewart

Got a second? Let's talk about Kristen Stewart's eyebrows. I know you're all, What? What? Why? Why do you want to talk about KStew's brows, you freak? Well, first of all, whoa, that was kind of harsh, and second of all, BECAUSE SHE PROVIDES THE PERFECT ILLUSTRATION.

Please consult exhibits A and B above and decide on which looks best.


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The answer, of course, is exhibit B, the photo on the right, taken this month at a special screening of On the Road. Exhibit A, for the record, was taken at the Madrid premiere of Twilight in 2008.

It's been my position that KStew's been over-plucking for the last four years, and it's wonderful to finally see she's seen the light and has grown them in. I don't know if her stylist got after her, or if the fashion-obsessed girl hiding under that tomboy exterior is finally rearing its well-coiffed head, but the cause, I suppose, is neither here nor there. It's the result we're here to admire, applaud, and learn from, because, if I may be so bold, I'd venture to guess there's still some of you out there who over-groom your eyebrows.

I get it. You're afraid of looking like Frieda Kahlo and Bigfoot's spawn, but trust me, even if you did, it would still be on trend.

Full, thick eyebrows are the style these days, and like the skinny jean, it's a fad that's never going away. Most of us are so traumatized by the hair plucking we did in the '90s that retiring our tweezers for good sounds like music to our follicles. And if you don't feel me, I know Drew Barrymore does.

Anyway, a heavy brow is predicted to be in again this spring, so start growing in your brows now. Pluck and/or shape sparingly, and by April, fill in any holes with my favorite eyebrow powder, and toast to the OG of brows, Brooke Shields, and new brow girl on the block, KStew -- we have them to thank.

What do you think of the full brow look?

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Photos via Carlos Alvarez/Getty; Jason Merritt/Getty

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