Kate Middleton & Prince William HAVE to Name Their Baby 'Diana' If It's a Girl

kate middleton prince williamThe birth of the royal baby will be exciting and wonderful no matter what the sex turns out to be, but right now, the signs seem to point to Kate Middleton being pregnant with a baby girl.

And if she and Prince William are expecting a daughter, everyone is curious about what they will decide to call her, and in particular whether or not they will choose to name the baby Diana, in honor of Prince William's late mother.

OMG. They have to name her Diana, right?


Considering how devastating it was for Prince William to lose her at such a young age, and also how over-the-moon she would've been with the news that she had a grandchild on the way, calling the granddaughter she'll never know Diana is such a beautiful way to pay tribute to her and honor her memory.

And if Kate Middleton is really as genuine and sweet as she appears to be (she totally is), I'm sure naming her first born after a woman who had a profound influence on her husband's life crossed her mind even before she became pregnant.

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I'll never forget that first interview Kate and Prince William gave right after they announced their engagement. Kate was so proud and honored that she'd been given Diana's engagement ring, and I was also struck by Prince William's comments about how giving Kate that ring was his way of making his mother a part of the engagement.

He and Kate are both so traditional and obviously love their families very deeply, so naming their baby Diana definitely wouldn't be out of character for them. I think they'll almost be eager to do it if they wind up having a daughter, like it will complete a circle or something.

And if they don't settle on Diana for the baby's first name, I don't think anyone will be the least bit surprised if they make it her middle name.

But regardless of what they call their child, I'm sure Diana will be smiling down from the heavens on them the day he or she is born. (Oh, how she would've loved to be there.)

Do you think Kate and Prince William should choose the name Diana if the baby is a girl?


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