'This Is 40' Will Have You in Stitches (VIDEO)

I am not yet 40 -- but OMG -- the new Judd Apatow movie, This Is 40, totally had me crying I was laughing so hard.

The movie also managed to hit a nerve -- because if you're married with kids, you know what it's like to be, well, married with kids. Delicately trying to balance your relationship while trying to spend quality time with the kids and help them become decent human beings -- all while trying to make enough money to pay your bills, maintain relationships with other people in your life, and stay sane. 


What This Is 40 does exceptionally well is force us to laugh at ourselves. Because even if you aren't living in a big house and driving fancy cars like Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann's characters in the film, it is likely you are still trying to escape to the bathroom in an effort to sneak a minute to yourself. And come on -- be honest -- you know that toilet time is the perfect hideaway to play Words With Friends or check your email or post pictures to Facebook! And I promise -- you will love how Mann's character calls out her hubby while he is sitting on the can. It is genius.

Another scene that really resonated with my husband and me is when Rudd and Mann come back from an amazing weekend away, only to have their return met with a kid screaming in pain from an ear infection. And in one fell swoop all the love they felt for each other after this weekend of re-connection is washed away -- as real life slaps them in the face.

The relationship/family topics are perfectly addressed and some of the scenes are pure comedic gold. Plus, the cast is just terrific -- and makes up for the fact the movie feels a little long at times.

Also, Paul Rudd is completely adorable. And his on-screen teenage daughter, Sadie (who happens to be Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann's real-life daughter), is a gem! See for yourself:

What this movie makes exceptionally clear is something my mom has been telling me since I was a teenager ... staying married, especially when you've got kids, is really hard work. But the payoff is great.

Are you going to see This Is 40?

Image via thisis40movie.com

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