'Les Miserables' Leading Man Is Considering Playing Christian Grey

eddie redmayneI have a theory, and I'm betting it's gonna be a tough one to argue with. See, used to be that in an effort to stir up buzz about their latest project, actors would actually talk about, well, their latest project. But these days, they seem more hell-bent on talking about another project: The Fifty Shades of Grey movie! And their potential involvement with it. Even just the slightest hint that they may be interested to a vague remark that we could take to mean they've actually been in talks for a leading role. Ridic!

And the latest actor to pull this silly schtick is Eddie Redmayne from The Other Boleyn GirlMy Week With Marilyn, and most recently, Les Miserables. When chatting with Marie Claire about the possible chance to play Christian Grey, he quoted Justin Bieber: "Never say never!" Oh geeeeeze.


Like many actors before him, Redmayne admitted he hasn't read the series, but he did confess he -- like everyone else who hasn't been living under a rock for the past six months -- has heard about it. The exact entire quote:

I know there's a huge amount of hype around it [the movie] so I definitely never say never. I've heard so much about this book I see people reading it on the tube, and I'm always really impressed that they're reading it on the tube, because it's kind of kinky... I'm thinking, 'What, are you getting off on on the tube?' I've not read it myself.

Oh boy. Well, to be fair, the 30-year-old Brit has gotten high praise for his acting skills since he first kicked off his career as a kid. He could pick up awards for Best Supporting Actor next year his performance in Les Mis. And he even has a tiny personal connection to Fifty Shades: In E.L. James' novel, Grey gives Anastasia a first-edition copy of the Thomas Hardy novel Tess of the D'Urbervilles. Redmayne starred as Angel Clare in a 2008 television mini-series based on that novel.

That said, could Redmayne pull off the coveted role of Christian Grey? Ehhhhh, not so much. Sorry to say, but he's simply lacking that je nais c'est quoi the winning actor simply must have. Maybe it's that he seems too ... nice. Boy next door. And a little geeky. I'm not even seeing where he might fit into another role in the film.

Poor Eddie. He's just the latest proof that media/publicists/fans encouraging every flippin' actor under 35 to think they should or could play Christian Grey is a HORRID mistake. Let's not put ideas in their heads unless they're someone we could actually see in the role ... amirite?! 

Are you sick of actors expressing mild interest in playing Christian Grey just to give their current project a boost? How do you feel about Eddie Redmayne as a possible Christian?

Image via Sharky/Splash News

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