‘Honey Boo Boo’ Star’s Adult Film Career Makes Us Hopeful for a Spinoff

honey boo boo
My thoughts exactly.
Here's a little piece of holiday blubber to sink your teeth into: a Honey Boo Boo star is excited about doing adult films. This large and in charge personality just revealed that they're encouraged by the recent 250 percent sales increase in the redneXXX porn industry, and they're looking to get in on the action themselves ... the hot, sweaty rumbly tumbly is-that-a-roll-in-your-neck-or-a-second-mouth kind of action.

So just who is this Honey Boo Boo star we might see on the steamy, sexxxy small screen soon?


None other than Crazy Tony Lindsey himself. Honey Boo Boo's older, hairy, crazier cousin told TMZ that, hell yeah, he'd like to do redneck porn! And who can blame him. When asked if he'd use a porn star moniker if he ever starred in a flick, Tony reminded everyone that he's already known as Crazy Tony, so really, why change it?

I can't say that I've ever desired to see some hillbillies humping, but it would seem from the numbers that I'm alone in my reticence. If ever there was a time for Crazy Tony to take off that gorilla suit and strip down to his birthday suit in the name of sex-for-paycheck, it's now. Redneck porn is having a moment. Strike while the iron's hot.

And then, to turn one hit into two, the Honey Boo Boo family could host a special "How to talk to your kids about the porn their degenerate family member is starring in." Alana could do her best eye roll when she hears the news and Mama June could cook up some spaghetti for the occasion. Then, if we're lucky, maybe a Here Comes Crazy Tony & His Porn Career spinoff?

Consider yourself redneckonized.

Do you have any thoughts of Crazy Tony doing porn?


Photo via Splash News

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