Hugh Jackman Finally Gets Well Deserved Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame (VIDEOS)

Hugh Jackman Neil Patrick HarrisIf you need a dose of good, trivial news today (and in light of recent events, who doesn't?), this might help: Hugh Jackman was just was finally awarded his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Yay! Woo hoo! Well deserved, dude.

Seriously, how did he not have one already? (Even David Hasselhoff's got one?) He's one of the most versatile actors in Hollywood, nay, the world. He can pull off a gay icon one minute (complete with the high kicks) and a badass Wolverine the next. And now that his name's being thrown around as a winner for the Best Actor Oscar this year for starring as Jean Valjean in Les Miserables, this star is more than appropriate. It's about damn time!

Because we could all use more Hugh on a day like today, let's look back at some of his best performances.


Remember this one? He and now-costar Anne Hathaway teamed up to open up the 81st Annual Academy Awards. In my humble opinion, I think he's the best host out there.

Though Neil Patrick Harris"on" may beg to differ:

Can you believe this is Wolverine? Here's Hugh performing "Not the Boy Next Door." He also won a Tony, and you can see why!

Yep, this is the same actor. I can't believe it either. Here's Hugh's Wolverine trailer so you can see how badass he can be:

Here he is as a magician in The Prestige with Christian Bale:

Finally, let's hear him sing a little bit more in Happy Feet:

Ah, Hugh. You've got it all, and your star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is well overdue. Congrats!

Which Hugh performance is your favorite? Are you surprised he didn't get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yet?


Image via GuilbeauxFan/YouTube

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