'16 & Pregnant's Whitney Purvis Arrested & We're Worried She's the Next Amber Portwood

whitney purvisWhitney Purvis is in trouble again. The 21-year-old was featured on the first season of MTV's 16 & Pregnant and has had a rough go of it recently. For starters, she was pregnant at the same time as her mom. Then her mom was arrested for marijuana and meth possession. Then Whitney was caught stealing a $16 pregnancy test from Walmart, and now, she and boyfriend/baby daddy Weston Gosa, 23, have been arrested for attacking a laptop. No no, you read that right. They attacked a laptop.


A bystander called the cops when they witnessed Whitney and Weston breaking some valuable pieces of electronics. Someone claimed they were smashing a laptop and a cellphone -- to whom those items belong was not reported, nor was the exact location of the crime.

Nevertheless, Whitney and Weston were arrested at the Georgia home and were taken to the station and were released on $1,300 bond.

Do you think we have another Amber Portwood on our hands? Or a Jenelle Evans? Those two Teen Moms are certainly more famous than Whitney and exposed a different set of issues that that kind of lifestyle must bring, but the three of them do each seem to have problems making good decisions. And unfortunately, when you're a mother, your poor decisions also affect your children.

I hope for Whitney's sake, and her young son's, that she turns her life around, and soon. She obviously comes from a troubled home (a mom who smokes weed and does meth doesn't sound like a great role model) and will have to right the crooked ship she was set on, but there's hope. She's young. She can do it. She can break the cycle.

Now it's just a matter of choosing to do so.

Also: smashing a laptop? Come on.

Do you think Whitney can turn her life around?


Photo via Floyd County Sheriff

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