Lindsay Lohan Gets Strip Club Deal Too Good to Pass Up

Lindsay LohanAs if Lindsay Lohan isn't having a rough enough month few years already, the trouble magnet is on the verge of losing a whole bunch of things that she cares about, sort of. LiLo owes $16,000 to a storage company where she has a unit containing clothes, family stuff, and (fingers crossed) embarrassing items. We all know Linds isn't in the best financial situation, and if she can't cough up the funds to save her stuff -- CHA CHING! -- the storage company will be auctioning off the unit before the month's over.

But alas, there may be help for Lindsay yet coming from ... a strip club? The Scores strip club in NYC is offering to save Linds if she does some work for them. Not that kind of work. Instead of taking off her clothes a la Playboy, they want her to serve as an online video chat host for their website.

Lindsay. Video chatting. Possibly SEX chatting. Man oh man, some of the juicy things she may say ...


Of course, there's a huge difference between the things we'd want to talk to her about and the things that she would talk about. Call me mega lame, but I'd forget the sexy talk and ask Linds what it was like to work with Dennis Quaid. I envision her not really knowing who that is, confused, because that normal happy-go-lucky girl she once was back in The Parent Trap is no longer.

Oh!! I'd also wanna know why on Earth she keeps going back to the same places where she gets into trouble every single damn time. Why not try another club, Linds? Or here's a shocking thought: Why not TAKE A BREAK for a little while? Sounds like your bank account wouldn't mind it.

If I had to guess, Lindsay would keep things pretty standard for the sexy site. Maybe she'd channel her inner playgirl to get some press and do the whole live video chat topless (not like we haven't seen 'em before). I'd imagine she'd try to convince all of the site's sophisticated users that Liz & Dick was the best movie to hit Lifetime ever and that she deserves yet another chance.

Let's be real, though, I'd much rather she didn't accept the gig and we get to see what's in that storage locker.

Do you think Lindsay should accept the offer from Scores to chat and save her stuff?


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