7 of the Highest Paid Celebrity Moms -- You Won't Believe What They Make! (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Dec 17, 2012 Celebrities

Britney SpearsIt's no secret that celebrity moms enjoy certain perks that the majority of us can only dream of, but when you hear just how much money some of them actually raked in this year, you might be overcome with feelings of jealousy and pure envy.

And while it's no big shock that they're all millionaires, the number of millions that some famous moms make is pretty mind blowing -- especially when you hear Britney Spears' humongous salary.

Her X Factor gig must be bringing in some serious dough, because Brit Brit made a cool $58 million this year. (Whoa. That's a lot of cash.) It certainly explains why she splurged on a new $8.5 million mansion for herself, her two sons, and her fiance Jason Trawick. (Lucky dude.)

Brit may have topped the list of highest paid celeb moms this year, but check out the photos below to see six more ladies who also made serious bank.

Do you think these moms are overpaid?


Images via Pacific Coast News

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