7 Hilarious Holiday Pranks That Will Have You ROFL (VIDEO)


It's not just the season of peace, love, and joy. It's also a great time for a few good laughs. So in between the shopping, wrapping, baking, and endless stream of TV specials, get in a few giggles with these seven awesome holidays pranks (and maybe get inspired to concoct your own!).


1. A group of people taking an ornament making class had no idea Ellen DeGeneres was behind their incredibly bizarre experience.


2. This poor kid thought he had hit the Christmas jackpot and scored an iPad.


3. Meet the most sadistic snowman on Earth!


4. Jimmy Kimmel challenged fans to give their kids crappy gifts and tape the reaction. Check out how hard the mom laughs as her disappointed child melts down.


5. I don't know any woman who wouldn't have been freaked out by this one!


6. Can you imagine coming into your office and finding this?!


7. Talk about celebrating Christmas with a bang!


Have you ever been the victim of a holiday prank?

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