Khloe Kardashian’s 5 Worst Outfits of 2012 Are Awful -- But We Still Love Her (PHOTOS)

khloe kardashianI could never, not in a thousand years, not even with a gun to my head, not even for a billion dollars could I or would I ... fine! Twist my arm. Khloe is by far my favorite Kardashian. (For those keeping track at home, Mercy was my second favorite. RIP.) She's funny, she seems smart, she makes fun of Kim, she's really tall yet isn't afraid to wear super high heels ... what's not to love?

But, even our beloved Khloe makes a mistake every now and then. We can't all be on top all the time, right? So it's only natural that Khloe's had a few fashion faux pas over the last year.

Let's take a look at Khloe's 5 worst looks of 2012 and try to learn from her mishaps, OK? Cool.


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