Lindsay Lohan’s Storage Unit Up for Auction: 10 Things We’d Bid On

lindsay lohanThankfully I don't have personal experience with most of Lindsay Lohan's misdemeanors, but I can totally relate to her latest screw-up: LiLo has fallen behind on her storage bill and now the contents of her unit are about to go up for auction. Bummer! I forgot to pay my storage bill so many times, I finally emptied the thing out (the late fees were killing me!). Granted, I've never fallen quite as far behind as Lohan, who currently owes the storage company approximately $16,000, but still. (Hey, now that I think about it, how the hell did she get away with not paying her bill for this long?! I only owed about 200 bucks when they started threatening me with that auction crap.)

Anyway, the point is Lindsay Lohan's belongings are probably about to be auctioned off.


And if you've been in her position, you know that she can't just go get all her stuff and put it somewhere else before it's sold, because those sneaky storage people change the lock on your unit when your account is "delinquent."

Can you imagine what manner of stuff the storage people will find when they lift that corrugated steel door? Somehow I doubt Tupperware containers filled with kids' artwork, Christmas decorations, and outdated appliances are on the list. Here are a few potential items from LiLo's unit I would totally expect to see on the auction block:

1. A Louis Vuitton trunk filled with thousands of dollars in jewelry and watches (plus a bunch of empty Ambien bottles)

2. A garbage bag filled with towels, little bottles of shampoo, and assorted mini bar items from the Chateau Marmont

3. A sawed-off house arrest ankle bracelet

4. Silicone breast implants (starter set)

5. Some hair she yanked out of Max George's head ("The Wanted") as he tried to escape her clutches

6. A book called How to Ward Off Gypsy Curses

7. One of Herbie's headlights

8. An empty bank envelope with the words To Lindsay, don't spend it all in one place! Ha! XO, Charlie p.s. WINNING!

9. A car scratch repair kit

10. An old lampshade (celebs: they're just like us!)

What would you expect to find in Lindsay Lohan's storage unit?


Image via Marie Trans-Smoker/Flickr

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