9 Celebrity Breakups in 2012 That Blew Our Minds

Linda Sharps | Dec 15, 2012 Celebrities

Kristen Stewart Robert PattinsonDoesn't it seem like there were a TON of celebrity breakups in 2012? I mean, I guess there are a lot every year, since Hollywood relationships aren't always built on the most rock-solid of foundations, but 2012 had enough divorces and splits to keep the tabloids bursting with gossip on a weekly basis (when they weren't predicting nonexistent pregnancies, of course).

It's interesting to review some of the biggest -- and most surprising -- splits, and marvel at the fact that they all happened in just one year. Time flies when you're (not) having fun, right? Check out this list of the top TK celebrity breakups that made headlines in 2012.

Who did I forget about? Whose breakup was the biggest surprise for you?


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