Bethenny Frankel’s Marriage May Be in Serious Trouble

bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy

Bethenny Frankel & hubby Jason Hoppy have been battling rumors of a crumbling marriage for nearly a year, and according to Us Weekly, things have not improved for the couple.

They have been only married two years, but the magazine's sources suggest that the end may be near for the Bethenny Ever After stars, who have a daughter together.


Sadly, this has been a long time coming. There were reports that they spent the entire summer apart. While she and Bryn hit the Hamptons, Jason mostly stayed in NYC. When he did make the trek, it was only to spend quality time with his daughter.

There were also claims that she met with a divorce lawyer, which she eventually shot down on her self-titled talk show. Though she did admit, "I'm in a good marriage. We have issues. We are not perfect. We work on it every day. We're committed." Even so, the rumors persisted and now her friends are revealing just how bad things really are.

"Things have gotten even more strained in recent months," a friend told Us Weekly. "They're fighting a lot." Apparently, their spats have become so nasty, they are spending more time apart. One major problem? "She's very focused, but he's just not driven," said the pal. So what does this mean for their young marriage? It could mean the beginning of the end if they can't work through this very long rough patch. "Bethenny's unhappy," adds the source. "But she really wants to make it work."

Do you think Bethenny & Jason can patch things up?


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