Justin Bieber Murder & Castration Plot Is as Crazy Scary as It Sounds

Justin BieberUm, so whoa. Here's a dose of crazy news for today. TMZ is reporting that a convicted murderer, Dana Martin, was planning with another inmate to kill and castrate Justin Bieber. Apparently in that order. I mean, Justin Bieber! Of all people! WTF?

It's one thing to get annoyed by the little punk on occasion, but to hatch a seemingly well thought out plan to murder and then castrate him? Talk about taking this Justin Bieber obsession to a whole different, ridiculous level. No one's quite sure when Martin thought up this insane idea, but reportedly he recruited a fellow inmate at Las Cruces prison, Mark Staake, to do the deed when Staake was released.

Since, by the way, Martin is currently serving two life sentences after being charged with raping and killing a 15-year-old girl back in 2000. Have I called him a psycho yet? Because, dear god, PSYCHO.


Staake, who was released and went back to Vermont, even had his nephew Tanner Ruane involved in this whole convoluted, sick plot. They allegedly wanted to carry out the murder when Bieber was performing at Madison Square Garden last month.

But for whatever reason, Martin put a stop to his own evil plan. Maybe because he couldn't stand a world without Justin Bieber? He's supposedly obsessed with Bieber and has a tattoo of the singer on his leg. After Martin's change of heart (if he has one), Staake was then arrested in Vermont due to outstanding warrants. The scariest part? Ruane actually showed up to NYC with some tools -- including pruning shears, OMG!!! -- but the NYPD was able to get him before he did anything, thank goodness.

Martin even supposedly divulged all the gruesome details: The plan these geniuses hatched up was to kidnap Bieber and his bodyguard. They were then going to strangle them with paisley ties, which apparently is Martin's calling card. Ruane would then castrate them, just to add a whole other level of barf to this story.

Like, what the hell!? I'm sorry, but that's about as coherent as I can be after hearing about something like this. Eighteen-year-old Bieber may face a lot of scrutiny (he even told Oprah recently, "I just want people to see me and not just hate on me because other people hate on me" -- and now there's news of this, poor guy!). But obviously nothing he's done has merited a plan against his life like this. Now Dana Martin and the rest of these guys have made an enemy out of millions and millions of enraged tween girls. Maybe Bieber fans will plan on standing outside the prison and start shrieking as loud as they can or something. They're a creative bunch; I'm sure they can think of something. Either way, let's hope Martin stays in jail forever and that he gets some serious psychiatric help!

Can you believe that a convicted murdered actually plotted to kill and castrate Justin Bieber?


Image via Adam Sundana/Wikimedia

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