Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Re-Enact 'Dirty Dancing' & Now We Have to Take Them Seriously (PHOTO)

Taylor Swift Harry StylesLook out folks -- it appears as though Taylor Swift is literally head over heels for One Direction band member Harry Styles, moving their rumored romance status a little bit closer to the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing.

Based on this photo of two people who are supposedly Harry and Taylor re-enacting the iconic "lift" scene from Dirty Dancing, I'd say they're definitely more than just good buds. (I mean, they're pretending to be Baby and Johnny and they're having the time of their lives, so it's safe to assume they're kind of serious, right?)

But Taylor has never been one for publicly talking about her relationships, so it's really not surprising that she hasn't confirmed whether or not she and Harry are an item.


And ever since they were first spotted together a few weeks ago, everyone has been poking fun at their relationship (myself included), because in case you hadn't noticed, Taylor has a tendency to switch up her boyfriends at a pretty steady pace.

Ok, back to the Dirty Dancing photo -- if this is really Harry and Taylor, then there's a chance that maybe, just maybe, she's really found her Prince Charming once and for all.

Because anyone who's dorky enough to re-create a movie scene like that in front of a bunch of people and not be embarrassed about it must care about her a great deal. Face it, Harry and Taylor are basically two geeks in a pod.

Taylor's such a sweet gal, but she is a little bit on the cheesy side when it comes to romance, and somehow I just can't picture her former boyfriends being as willing to indulge that part of her. OMG, seriously -- can you imagine Jake Gyllenhaal partaking in antics like these? (No freakin' way. He's above that.)

And how about Conor Kennedy? No offense to him, but I'm not sure his skinny little arms could even lift her over his head, and even if they could, I feel like he'd be way too shy to attempt it.

Yep, I think it's time to start taking "Haylor" a little more seriously, because it looks as though they're here to stay. (At least for a while.)

Do you think Harry is a good fit for Taylor?


Image via Twitter

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