'Walking Dead' Cast & Crew Tease What’s Coming for Our Favorite Characters in 2013 (VIDEO)

Walking DeadYou have to hand it to the Walking Dead team, they know how to keep the fans' interest dialed to a fever pitch between episodes. Even though the show is on break until February, AMC has put together a fantastic video of the cast and crew talking about what's to come in the last half of season three.

Not only is this interesting to watch because the cast drops some legitimate hints about how the story is going to evolve when the show comes back on the air, but it's crazy to hear the actors' real voices. Some of these folks have been doing a damn fine job of smothering their British accents under a Southern twang, is what I'm saying.

If you're all caught up with the show (IE, you're not worried about past spoilers), check out some of the juiciest revelations about what we'll see next year:



Here's the video:

And a quick recap of some of those hints:

David Alpert, Executive Producer:

Over the course of the season, Hershel has really stepped up as the emotional and moral center. I think what you're going to see is that the gentleness of Hershel is really the thing that's able to cut through.

Robert Kirkman, Executive Producer:

Carl has really grown up and turned into this child soldier. Coming back in the last half of the season, we're trying to show him as a very capable member of this group who is actually contributing.

Steven Yeun (Glenn):

Things are way worse than they ever were before. (…) For the second half (of the season), now we're seeing what they're capable of, and what they've turned into, really.

For Glenn, I see this continuing trajectory of asserting himself and growing up, but everyone's capable of letting their emotions drive them over anything.

Lauren Cohan (Maggie):

Glenn is extremely angry and vengeful, and Maggie doesn't really see the point in being angry and taking murderous revenge on this group -- but she does want to keep the group safe. And so if there was any way of making an arrangement that would keep them in their prison safe, and Woodbury away from them, that would be great.

Laurie Holden (Andrea):

Just because one man falls doesn't mean everyone else has to. She's going to persevere. I want her to fight for the people, and feel even more inspired and empowered to do the right thing.

Danai Gurira (Michonne):

Michonne is on a constant journey of transforming and figuring out how to navigate her abilities towards a better day, a better tomorrow, and I think the idea of reconnecting with people a little bit more willingly is really what you're going to see.

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes):

In the second half of the season, you realize that Rick is this brutal, ruthless leader that is uncompromising. So when we hit the Governor, there is a match.

David Morrisey (The Governor):

We start to see the real birth of the Governor that people will know, really. He literally doesn't care any more. Because in the past he had something to live for -- he had a sense of purpose, a sense of humanity. As soon as he loses that, that goes -- and that makes him a much more dangerous man. The journey up until this point gives him a lot of opportunity for change, in the next half. And it's about whether there's redemption in him.

Ooh, I'm particularly intrigued by the idea that we might be less sick of Andrea in the second half (who here hasn't actively hoped for her to be eaten by a walker? Anyone?), and that Michonne might ... you know, lighten up a little. Because damn, girl, if Grumpy Cat had a katana sword you would totally be twinsies.

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Do you enjoy the teasers and interviews that AMC constantly does for The Walking Dead -- or do you like the 'less is more' tactic that other shows take?

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