Emily Maynard & Jef Holm’s Playful Conversation Shows They’ve Still Got a Connection

emily maynard jef holm
During happier times in August.
Let's take our imaginations on a walk here for a second and imagine, against all imaginings, that Bachelorette winner Jef Holm is gay. Do you think he'd choose Chris Harrison as a partner? That's what one fan joked when she discovered the pair had a lovely golf weekend together at Augusta. She tweeted: “Did @jefholm leave @EmilyMaynard for @chrisbharrison because that's what it seems like.”

And you know what happened next? Jef responded, then Emily responded, then Chris responded, then I responded with this here blog. It's basically the circle of life at its finest, so let's take a look at the circleyness!


After reading the fan's tweet, Jef replied:

"Today I did... he’s a better golfer."

To which Emily said:

"How quickly you forget I was on the golf team... I was the manager but whatever. I was in the yearbook."

To which Chris barfed:

"This is why we love Em!"

To which I say:

Good times.

Listen, it's all super awesome squeaky clean fun that these two crazy 20-somethings can have a normal, playful conversation on Twitter. Social media is how the kids communicate these days, so it's no surprise Emily and Jef chose to interact in 140 characters or less. Safety in fewer numbers.

What is surprising, I suppose, is that they're communicating at all. After all those nasty rumors about why they split -- she was paying him to stay silent! she slept with some quarterback! he caught her cheating! -- you'd think they'd just stay far apart, but seems like Jef and Emily still have a connection.

A digital connection, but a connection nonetheless. Maybe they'll be friends, after all.

Do you still have hope that Jef and Emily will work things out?


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