Lindsay Lohan's Probation Revoked, but Prepare to See Her Get Off Scot-Free Again

lindsay lohanWe were all waiting with bated breath as we awaited Lindsay Lohan's court hearing this morning. (What, just me?) And now, the day of reckoning ... has been postponed. LiLo got her probation revoked, but we'll have to wait until January 15 to find out if she has to do time for lying to police and reckless driving following her car crash last June.

Lohan faces up to 245 days in jail. But TMZ is speculating she may get away without jail time yet again because the Commissioner Jane Godfrey "isn't a fan of jail." WHAT?


It's like jail is allergic to Lohan or something. Remember the last time she was sentenced to 30 days in jail? A MERE 30 DAYS! She checked in, and then bounced back out hours later like a rubber ball. What the hell! Lindsay has been "going to jail" but not really "going to jail" for years now. Jeebus, even jail can't take LiLo.

I'll tell you one thing. If Lindsay evades jail time yet again, there will be rioting in the streets. The outrage! People with nothing better to do will gather pitchforks and torches (from where I'm not certain but never mind) and protest against this flagrant abuse of justice.

Not that jail time would do her much good. How much "thinking" is she going to do there, really? I honestly don't know what's going to turn the girl around. How do you solve a problem like La Lohan? (How do you catch a cloud and pin it down -- um, anyone else like singing Sound of Music songs?) Hey wait, there's an idea. Maybe instead of jail, Lindsay should be sent to a nunnery.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan will serve jail time, ever?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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