Robert Pattinson's Confession About True Love Could Explain Why He Hasn't Dumped Kristen Stewart

robert pattinson kristen stewartFor years, Robert Pattinson would laugh off any personal questions interviewers threw his way. But recently -- probably because the Twilight Saga is over now, and he feels like he can put on his grown-up pants -- he's thrown caution to the wind and is actually opening up a bit more. Talking about those closest to his heart and how he feels about true love that "lasts a lifetime, like in the movies."

When Seventeen Espanol asked if he believed in that kind of thing, he said, "Definitely, yes. It sounds cheesy, but I see it with my parents." Awww! 


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RPattz elaborated:

My dad met my mom when she was 17, and they're still happily together. ... Most of the kids at my school had parents going through divorces. So it was great seeing my parents sticking together.

Well, that explains it! The actor has always seemed sunny about long-term love, even when we think he must be going through the darkest hour of his relationship with Kristen Stewart. Now, we can most definitely attribute that cock-eyed optimist's view -- at least in part -- to having parents with a "rather cute" happy marriage

Don't get me wrong -- this is not to say that children of divorce are necessarily pessimistic about how their relationships will turn out. But at least from what I've seen in my own life -- and with my own fiance whose parents divorced when he was just a toddler -- it seems as a general rule, they seem more cautious and less likely to wear rose-colored glasses and believe Hollywood fairy tales do come true. And hey, given how many marriages do go bust these days, maybe that's not necessarily an unwise way of approaching relationships.

But I, like Rob, am an adult whose parents have stuck together since my mom was 17 and, thus, have the same idealistic POV. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

How did your parents' relationship status affect your outlook on relationships?


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