Ice-T Is Angry at Wife Coco for Racy Photos & He Has Every Right to Be

Ice T and CocoWatching Ice-T and his wife Coco Austin on TV on their reality show Ice Loves Coco is ... interesting to say the least. Yeah, you can tell the two really love each other, but sometimes half the things she says, well, I just can't pay attention because HELLO her boobs are in my face (erm, TV screen). Well it looks like the couple may be on the rocks after an urban website released risque photos of Coco kissing up on another man who goes by the name of AP.9. Uh-oh.

After the photos hit the web, Ice-T went on a Twitter rampage saying that the pictures are disrespectful, in bad taste, and she made him feel like shit. The tweets, which have since been taken down, hit a nerve with Coco, who apologized on her personal account to both her husband and her fans.

Exhale. Sounds like a serious headache. Whether or not the pics were the "only thing that happened," the bottom line is if you're in a serious relationship, with or without a ring, these kind of photos are just not OK.


These photos of Coco that were posted looked sensual, and that's putting it lightly. I would be infuriated if someone I was dating did the same thing. Just as I wouldn't want intimate photos of my significant other and ME to hit the web, I most definitely would feel hurt seeing him in them with someone else.

It's about respect. When you decide that you want to be exclusive with someone, you have a special bond and with that bond comes a certain trust. In my mind, that sort of relationship excludes snappin' sexy shots with other people. It's about what it means to be in a relationship and the dedication you put in. It's about knowing what would hurt the person you're seeing, and keeping a level head about it.

How would Coco feel if Ice-T posted loads of pictures all over the web of him lounging around with other girls? My thoughts: Not so great. Here's to hoping the couple can move forward, and that we get to watch the whole thing unfold on TV.

Do you think Coco was out of line?


Image via Tim Whitby/Getty Images

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