Charlie Sheen's Amazing $75K Donation Shows He Has a Soul After All

charlie sheenFirst Charlie Sheen wrote a big fat $100K check to Lindsay Lohan to help her avoid enraging Uncle Sam (though she was in so much trouble that it didn't seem to really help all that much in the end). Now, he's donated $75K to someone who could really use the help ... a 10-year-old named Jasmine who has been diagnosed with Childhood Rhabdomyosarcoma (CR), a form of cancer that occurs in the muscle tissue and requires over a year of pricey chemo and radiation therapy.

TMZ reports that the once totally-off-his-rocker actor learned about Jasmine through a completely benign conversation with a Hermosa Beach police officer, who is a colleague of the little girl's father. Apparently, Charlie told the officer, "No parent should have to watch their kid go through that," vowed to help, and then the next day wrote a check for $75K to the Hermosa Beach Police Association, which had started a fund in Jasmine's honor. But that's not all!


Charlie also inspired his stunt double, Eddie Braun, to write a check for an additional $25,000 -- which may even be more amazing than Charlie's donation, because of course he makes less than the kooky celeb. 'Course the family is said to be "extremely grateful" for the donations.

Well, color me super-impressed. It's not like he ever made a name for himself by being a greedmeister, but this truly generous good deed makes him look like a whole new Charlie! Could it be that somewhere along the line, in deciding to drop his not so "winning!" act, he also made a conscious choice to be more selfless and giving? To start acting less like a Hollywood creep and more like a down-to-earth dad? Given his recent track record, that could very well be.

This move puts him up there with the likes of Angelina Jolie, who once wrote a personal check to friends of my fiance's and mine who were similarly struggling with a costly health challenge. Charlie and Angie on the same playing field of celeb charity?! Weird! But this whole new level of crazy for Charlie is definitely one we ought to applaud.

Are you impressed with Charlie's charitable move?


Image via Frederick M. Brown/Getty

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