7 Biggest Fake Pregnancies of 2012 -- But There’s Always 2013, Right?

jennifer aniston
So obviously expecting her 10th set of twins
Oh the celebrity pregnancy rumors -- if there's anything we love to do, it's speculatin' upon the bellies of the famous. I never thought I'd grow up to spend this much time scrutinizing photos for baby bumps. You? And yet, speculate we must! Because we do love ourselves a celeb pregnancy -- almost as much as a celeb baby.

But sometimes the rumors are false! Shocking but true. (Like, nine times out of ten if you're keeping track.) Where's a fan supposed to turn for support when a celeb pregnancy turns out to be nothing but a rumor? Cry on my shoulder -- and hold out hope for next year. Here are our favorite celeb pregnancy rumors of 2012.


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Khloe Kardashian was rumored to be pregnant in April. And who knows? Maybe she was and then miscarried. This one makes us sad because we know her and Lamar's fertility issues pain them. Fingers crossed for next year!

Jennifer Aniston is declared pregnant so often, if they'd been real pregnancies, she'd be outdoing Octomom. And is it me, or does it seem like she's always expecting twins? C'mon tabloids, step it up a little. Why not throw in some triplets or quads every once in a while? Anyway, I'm sure it's happening any day now. But I won't believe the rumors until she's out to there.

Lady Gaga sure was acting pregnant-ish this fall. The weight gain, the vomiting on stage, could it be: The Pregnant? She says no. And since it's been a few months with no growing bump, I guess she really wasn't.

Mila Kunis says she's not pregnant. But what about that baby bump? And what about the beautiful, beautiful babies we're dying to see her and Ashton Kutcher produce? And how do we REALLY know she's not pregnant? I guess we'll find out about six months from now.

Angelina Jolie is another celeb who's always rumored to be knocked up. Even when she's sooo obviously not, we have no choice but to mock the rumors. C'mon, that family is big enough.

Catelynn Lowell has been rumored to be pregnant with a second baby. But she keeps telling us she's too busy with the wedding plans and with college to get knocked up again. When will we believe her?

Kristen Stewart! No. Just ... no.

And now, one "fake" pregnancy that turned out to be real!

Kate Middleton is now pregnant. Okay, it's official this time. The royal egg hath been fertilized and hath attached itself to the royal womb. But Kate was declared pregnant all freaking 2012 long. I mean, she could have delivered a couple of babies right now if those rumors had been true.

Do you think any of these ladies will turn up preggers in 2013?


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