Lindsay Lohan's Morning After Pic Could Start a New Sex Trend (PHOTO)

Remember the days when you would sneak out of a guy's place in the wee hours of the early morning, still in your clothes from the night before, and you'd slink down the street with your head hung low, praying to god no one called out, "Hey, hey, Kiri! Is that you?" Not that that ever happened, of course. (Nor did I ever buy a new shirt on the way to work. Just sayin'.) It was called "the walk of shame." Well, those days are ovah, my friends. All that old-timey coyness is SO last decade (or last month?). Anyway, no one hides the fact that they slept with a dude the night before or are even, like, sleeping with him that minute. Why hide it when you can tweet about it! That's what Lindsay Lohan does. And don't we all look to Lindsay for our social cues?


Lindsay Lohan has apparently bagged herself a gen-u-wyine boyband rockstar-ish boyfriend (how'd that happen?) whose name is Max George, of the British band The Wanted. On Friday night, she partied (what else? did you think they sat around and discussed Kierkegaard motifs in the fiscal cliff?) with the band, and lovingly curled her metallic-polished fingers around Max's prematurely bald head. Max has said that his band "probably isn't a very good influence" on Lindsay -- but, hey, I'd say it's probably equal!

Anyway, the next morning, LiLo tweeted a picture of a sweatshirt, one apparently belonging to Mr. George, and asked, "Missing something?"

Because, really, there are two ways you can go about this: You can call up and privately ask if he's missing a sweatshirt. Or you can tweet it to 4.6 million followers. I think you know which way you wanna go on this one -- if you're Lindsay, anyway.

Of course, LiLo and MaGeo (??) didn't invent this form of afterplay. That would be Chris Brown and Rihanna, who have been busy Tweeting pics of each other post-flagrante delicto for weeks. I know. Class-ay.

Hey, I've got nothing against sex. Nor even writing about it. (Believe me.) But there's something kind of slutty-braggy about the whole morning after tweet that's a bit annoying. Turn your sex life into a song. Or a book, or poem, or even a beautiful photograph. But a tweet? That's just a turn-off.

Would you tweet or FB photos of yourself the morning after?

Image via Twitter

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