'Walking Dead' Kill List Declares the Best Zombie-Killer of All

Walking Dead infographicIs there anything more compelling than a beautifully-presented infographic? How about a beautifully-presented infographic about zombies? How about a beautifully-presented infographic that details every single walker's death in The Walking Dead, from episode 1 of season one all the way through last week's mid-season three finale?

That is exactly what's been created by some unusually dedicated folks at The National Post. I don't even want to know how they did it or how long it took, but the results are an astonishing poster-like image of every on-screen kill, including how each zombie was taken out, weaponry categorized by use (guns are the clear favorite, although knives and swords are highly effective as well), and each character's personal zombie kill count.

It may not shock you to learn who the most deadly zombie-killer in the show is, but the image reveals a couple trends that may not have been as immediately obvious. (Warning: image contains show spoilers!)


For instance, as the skull at the top of the graphic shows, the total number of zombie kills have dramatically increased as the show has gone on. That relatively small piece of red on the skull represents the dispatched walkers from season one -- not quite as yikes-worthy as the sea of green and blue from season 2 and 3.

Also, for some reason I'm a little surprised at where Merle lands on this chart:

Rick's the clear winner, with Daryl in the number two position, but Merle's at the very bottom of the survivors? Now, those are on-screen kills, and we know Merle's been doing the Governor's dirty work for a while, but still -- only five zombies? Time to step it up, Merle! Carol's going to kick your ass!

I also would have thought Michonne would be ahead of Hershel in the walker-dispatching arena, but then again, Hershel had that impressive Unlimited Ammo run at the farm last season.

All in all, the image is great fun for Walking Dead fans to pore over (it brings up so many fond memories! Ah, disgustingly rotted Well Zombie, who could forget you?), and it finally addresses that age-old question of which is better: bitchin' infographics, or zombies?

As for the answer, I think Joey said it best on Friends:

What do you think of the National Post's Walking Dead infographic?

Image via The National Post

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