Jef Holm & Chris Harrison’s Top-Secret Trip Can Only Mean One Thing

Jef HolmHe may have split from Emily Maynard a couple of months ago, but judging from the fact that Jef Holm and Chris Harrison are in South Carolina on a trip together this week, it appears as though Jef may not be done with reality TV-related stuff quite yet.

Or at least that's what most people are probably assuming based on a Tweet he posted about his little excursion with Chris.

It said: "Still not getting used to this 3 hrs of sleep thing. Off to Columbia, SC to cross something big off the bucket list with @chrisbharrison."

Ok, so what the heck are these guys up to? (C'mon, you know you're curious.)


Hmm. Let's see. All we know is that they're in South Carolina, and Jef wants to cross something off his bucket list. Whatever could that be?

Let's toss around a few guesses, shall we?

Jef's a closet Gamecocks fan -- The University of South Carolina is located in Columbia, so perhaps he and Chris are having a tailgating party?

Chris wants private time with Jef -- You know, so he can get his blessing to start dating Emily now that the engagement is over, which Jef is more than willing to give. (Chris totally wants her.)

Paying homage to a great band -- Duh, everyone knows that Hootie and the Blowfish got their start in Columbia. Maybe Jef wants to see where the magic began?

A reunion with Emily -- Charlotte is only a few hours away from Columbia. Could Team Jemily be giving things another chance? (Nah, I doubt it.)

Reality TV spinoff -- Is Jef getting his own spinoff show? Is he the next Bachelor? Are he and Chris scouring the campuses of southern universities in the hopes of finding him a nice girl to propose to so they can air the footage on TV?

Whatever they're doing there, we're definitely interested and want to know more. (For real. I can't stand the suspense.)

Do you have any thoughts on what Jef might be crossing off his bucket list?


Image via Robert Benson/Getty

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