Chris Brown Reportedly Meets Up With His Ex But Rihanna Forgives Him (Again!) (PHOTO)


At this point, I don't give a flying fig about Rihanna and her crass boyfriend, Chris Brown. If she gets a fist in the face again, I'd shrug. I think everyone deserves a second chance -- but when you're talking about giving someone a second chance who nearly disfigured you, then I say f**k a second chance. I ain't giving no one a second chance to beat me to a pulp. But Rihanna isn't me, and I'm not (thankfully) dating Chris Brown. She has every right to make her own decision about it -- and she apparently has. Their swoony beautiful love is in full bloom. You can know this for sure by examining their passive-aggressive tweets. For instance, after Chris reportedly met up with his former (possibly still current?) flame, model Karrueche Tran, Rihanna wasn't too happy. And she let him know it. Sorta.


On Friday, Karrueche and Chris reportedly met up in Paris while Rihanna was in Germany. It was here that Rihanna's tweets took a turn for the strange. At one point, she tweeted:

You give, you get, and then you give it the f**k back.

It was accompanied by a pic of a hand-drawn message saying, "Examine what you tolerate." But if that was a tweet to Brown or maybe to herself, Brown must have sweet talked his way back into her heart (or at least her bed). For the next day, she tweeted a pic of her snuggling with what appears to be Brown (his tattooed arm can be seen in the corner of the photo).

Says a source:

She can’t get it into her head that Chris will never change. She's given him so many chances since he beat her up in 2009 and he still keeps hurting her by partying with girls. Letting Karrueche meet him is yet another blow for Rihanna that will further disgust her fans.

I'm not even a fan and I'm disgusted. Look, love doesn't always run smoothly. Sometimes it's downright painful. But there's being a victim and then there's being a volunteer. Rihanna has definitely become a volunteer: She's got a big old VOLUNTEER T-shirt and badge.

Do you care anymore about Rihanna and Chris?

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