DJs Behind Kate Middleton Prank Offer Tearful Apology, But It's Too Late (VIDEO)

mel greigAfter their prank call to King James VII Hospital resulted in nurse Jacintha Saldanha allegedly committing suicide, the Australian radio hosts, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, have come forward with a tearful apology. The DJs, who were trying to glean information regarding Kate Middleton's morning sickness via horrible Queen Elizabeth impersonation, appeared on Australia's A Current Affair, as well as a show called Tonight Today to speak publicly about the awful prank. As their tears indicate, they're very sorry. But, needless to say, sorry isn't going to do much at this point.


In the clip below, you'll see -- these are people who are genuinely remorseful for what they did. And you can't help but feel bad for them a bit -- I mean, obviously, they didn't know that this was going to be the outcome of a radio prank that's been done countless times before. Greig says: "There's not a minute that goes by that we don't think about her family and what they must be going through. And the thought that we may have played a part in that is gut-wrenching." Greig also says that the first thing she wondered when she heard about Saldanha's death was: "Is she a mother?" Which, unfortunately, she is.

This whole thing is one giant mess, and I'm sure it will change the face of radio pranks. Not only did a woman allegedly kill herself over this, the Duke and Duchess are indirectly involved, and Mel Greig and Michael Christian's radio careers are virtually over. Not to mention the fact that, potentially, they can be charged with a crime. Just awful. And so not worth it.

Here is Greig and Christian's tearful interview. What do you think?


Image via ryan kai/YouTube

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