Singer Jenni Rivera's Plane Crash Death Is Unimaginable Tragedy for Her 5 Children (VIDEO)

Jenni RiveraThe death of Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, whose plane went down while she was traveling from Monterrey to the town of Toluca in México, is absolutely horrifying for her many fans. But, for her five children and two grandchildren, this is a tragedy beyond anything most of us can imagine.

At just 43, Rivera had five children varying in ages from 10 to 27. She also had two grandchildren. For each of them, losing someone they were so close to is a private hell amidst a very public tragedy. Obviously, as a popular singer of the "grupero" style of music, Rivera's death is going to be mourned by many. But like most tragedies, things end rather quickly for fans.

Oh sure, we still mourn Princess Diana and John Lennon and other major stars who have passed on in our lifetimes. But for the families, that mourning is something so much more.


Losing a mother at a young age is not easy. I know because I lived through it. I still live through it. It is an ongoing struggle and something that never goes away. Fans may feel like they experience that, too. But it's not the same. It could not possibly be the same. Rivera's brother told People:

We were having a beautiful morning, and then we received the news from my brother [Gustavo]. 'Go see mom because we can't find Jenni's plane, we don't know what's happened to her.' That's when it started, really early at 9 in the morning. I came to my mom's house. We started getting the news. Then at around 5 p.m., we got confirmation that she was gone. It was so painful.

A sudden death is one that takes months, sometimes even years, to process. It never gets "easier." It just gets more manageable. One day in, her poor family can't even begin to understand the lifelong pain they are in for now. My heart breaks for them all, but especially for the poor 10-year-old Johnny Ángel López who never really knew his mother. What a horrific tragedy for all involved.

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