Jamie Foxx Skewers Tyler Perry With More Funny in 2 Minutes Than Madea Brings in a Whole Movie (VIDEO)

Jamie Foxx Tyler PerryIn this world there are people who get Tyler Perry's brand of humor. Then there are the rest of us. We're the people who saw Jamie Foxx dig his comedic claws into Madea this weekend on Saturday Night Live and wanted to watch it over and over and over again.

If you're a proud member of the "Why the hell do people watch Tyler Perry movies" fan club, allow me to share with you the hilarious gem that came out of Foxx's hosting duties this weekend. He might be all Mr. Serious Actor these days, but I saw flashes of Foxx the funny man we all loved from his In Living Color days in his faux trailer for Tyler Perry Presents: Alex Cross 2 : Madea Special Ops. It's like Jamie Foxx and SNL's giant holiday gift to the Anti-Tyler Perry Fans Club!

Check it out:


Ooooh, that's worth three snaps in Z formation right there! In two minutes Jamie managed to do what Madea can't do in a whole movie: make me laugh!

I almost feel bad for Tyler Perry. Almost. He tried to escape Madea by reprising the Alex Cross role that Morgan Freeman killed in Kiss the Girls, but as Foxx so hilariously pointed out ... it ain't going to happen. Once an annoying nosy old woman in drag, always an annoying nosy old woman in drag.

Jamie, on the other hand, can dress up in half a wig with half a pair of granny glasses and still look hot. That's saying something!

Are you a member of the Anti-Tyler Perry Fans Club? What did you think of Jamie Foxx as Tyler?


Image via NBC

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