Comedian Katt Williams Arrested Again But He's Finally Learned His Lesson -- Maybe

Katt WilliamsGood grief! Comedian Katt Williams just can't seem to sit down, shut up, and stay out of trouble. In his ongoing efforts to prove to the world that he is a total badass, Williams has been arrested again! The Scary Movie 5 actor's run-ins with law enforcement happened so many times in the past week or so that, quite frankly, we have lost count.

First there was that crazy police chase through Sacramento on a three-wheeler. Then that whole alleged slapping of a Target employee. And let's not forget the bar fight (heaven forbid you forget that) last weekend. Heck, by those crazy standards, this arrest actually seems, well ... tame!


TMZ is reporting that Williams was nabbed by deputies at a gas station following a traffic stop on a warrant for last month's tricycle stunt. He's been charged with reckless driving for allegedly taking the three-wheeler up onto a sidewalk while leading cops on a low-speed chase.

OK, so it isn't exactly a new problem. And there's no sign that Williams did anything kooky during the traffic stop. Really the biggest news out of it was the fact that his appearance at a show scheduled for Friday night had to be cancelled.

Could it be that Williams has finally learned his lesson? America has a pretty low bar set for what entertains us, but even we have a point where hijinks stop being funny and start pissing us off.

This guy has allegedly hurt people, put lives at risk, and wasted the time of our boys in blue. If this was some publicity stunt to get more attention for his comedy, America has had it. We're not amused.

I'm happy to hear that Williams actually listened to the cops this time. Let this be a sign that he's mending his ways and actually going to do something worth laughing about in the future.

Are you a Katt Williams fan or have his recent hijinks turned you off completely?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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