Lindsay Lohan Says Goodbye to Her Clothes (Again) For Cash

Lindsay LohanCould this be the rock bottom Lindsay Lohan needs to finally get her life in order? Hey, if multiple arrests, car crashes, public fights, jail time, 911 calls, scandalous headlines, and poor reviews won't do it, maybe losing her clothes will!

Reportedly, Lindsay, who recently had her bank accounts seized by the IRS in an attempt to claim back taxes, has resorted to taking off her designer duds to raise money. And, no, not like how she took off her clothes for Playboy.


RadarOnline is reporting that Lindsay's little sister, Ali, has been hauling bags of Lindsay's used clothes to a second hand store in Los Angeles. That's quite a nice little sister! Though kind of tacky of Linds to ask her, but hey ... that's LiLo for ya. (Ironically, or appropriately, the store is called Wasteland.)

However, I guess Ali wasn't happy with the prices being offered for the wares, because rumor has it she began arguing with the store clerk, saying, "Thirty dollars for these? They cost $700! This is ridiculous!" And Ali appears to be somewhat deluded about Lindsay's appeal, continuing her haggling by reportedly whining, "These have to be worth more, Lindsay was photographed wearing them, that has to add value." Err, yeah, I dunno about that, Ali. The clerk didn't buy it either and refused to budge on price.

Some of the items supposedly hauled to the store included Chanel shoes and a Balenciaga bag.

It just goes to show how far this star has fallen from being the one every designer in town wanted to dress. Lindsay's recent troubles include waiting to see if she'll be charged in the recent altercation with a psychic; seeing if her probation will be revoked because she allegedly lied to cops about a car crash she was involved in over the summer; IRS hassles; and a reported drinking problem. Whew. I'm sure there must be more, but my brain can only handle so much depressing LiLo information at one time.

Maybe selling off her clothes will be the wake-up call Lindsay needs -- though I've been wrong before.

Would you buy any of Lindsay's old clothes?

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