Hospital Receptionist in Kate Middleton Pregnancy Prank Found Dead

Kate MiddletonI'm really hoping this isn't what it appears to be. It was only a couple of days ago that news broke about two Australian radio pranksters who managed to call up Kate Middleton's hospital room and get her nurse to divulge information about her pregnancy sickness. The nurse told the two radio DJs, who were posing as Prince Charles and the Queen (and not doing a very good job of it), about how Kate seemed to be on the mend, and how Prince William had visited her the night before.

The call caused outrage that the two would invade the Duchess's privacy like that. And now here comes very strange, very horrible news: The receptionist who was duped into thinking she was putting the Queen through to Kate's room has been found dead outside the hospital.


No one seems to know yet exactly what happened or what she died from, but at least one source is reportedly telling the Daily Mail that she committed suicide.

The woman's body was reportedly found only yards from King Edward VII hospital, where she worked and took the unfortunate phone call. Could she have killed herself out of guilt for falling for this prank?

It all started when a call came through early in the morning on Tuesday to the hospital. When the receptionist answered, Mel Greig, one of the radio hosts, put on her best Queen accent (which was laughably bad) and said, "Oh, hello there. Could I please speak to Kate please, my granddaughter?"

The receptionist bought this hook, line, and sinker for some reason and said, "Oh yes, just hold on ma'am," and put her through to the nurse's station in Kate's room. Apparently having no reason to believe that the call wouldn't be legitimate since it was put through to the room, the nurse began blabbing.

I can only imagine that the receptionist and the nurse were spoken to by hospital officials. No word on whether they were being punished in any way. But this does make you wonder: Did the fallout from the prank call somehow cause this to happen? If the receptionist did commit suicide, was it because of her guilt or shame over the call? Or because her job was in jeopardy? Or maybe it was just the attention and stress due to the call?

This does make you wonder about unintended consequences of pranks. I'm sure the DJs never dreamed in a million years they would actually get through to Kate or her nurse -- you can hear the disbelief in their voices on the radio program. I really don't blame them for this, but sometimes things have consequences that you couldn't have foreseen, and perhaps they should have thought a little more about the employees at the hospital and what trouble might be caused for them with a prank like this.

Do you think the call is to blame for the receptionist's death?

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