Jay-Z Has Subway Chat With Adorable Old Woman Who Has No Idea Who He Is (VIDEO)

jay z old ladyAs if you needed further proof that Jay-Z is basically the biggest bad-ass around, here's a video of him riding the subway to his final concert out of a series of nine at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn. But that's not what's so captivating about the video. The truly bad-ass part comes when Jay talks to an old lady named Ellen who asks him what his name is ("Jay"), and if he's famous ("Yes. Not very famous. You don't know me. I'll get there some day."). Before he gets off the train, though, Ellen asks for his name one more time just so she can "get it." And when he says, "Jay-Z," her reaction is completely adorable and 100 percent genuine.

And then she tells him the thing every person longs to hear: "I'm proud of you."


Whether you're a fan of Jay-Z or not, and whether you think this was a publicity stunt or not, there's no denying that this video is adorable. The conversation between Jay-Z and Ellen is very sweet, and clearly unscripted.

And the fact that Jay-Z's riding the train to his last show proves that he really does keep it real -- which is a lot more than most super rich celebs can say.

How cute is this?


Image via Tomurotta/YouTube

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