Dear 'Parenthood', PLEASE Don't Kill Off Kristina Braverman

Kristina PArenthoodParenthood is an amazing show by the same people who brought us Friday Night Lights, so you know it's emotional, well-done, and incredibly true to life. Sigh. Truth be told, it's one of the best shows on television with characters as three-dimensional as the best friend you grew up with and people fans genuinely care about.

So why, WHY are they putting Kristina Braverman (played by Monica Potter) through the mill this season? The mom of three and all-around superwoman has been battling breast cancer, and from the looks of it, she may die on the next episode.

The preview for the next episode (no spoilers, just speculation) shows her with a very high fever and then shows Adam hugging his dad and her making a video thanking her children for letting her be their mom. Gut. Wrenching. Oh my god. See below:


The Kristina breast cancer storyline has been so real that it makes people like me, whose lives have been touched by the disease, cringe. My mother died of the disease when I was 16, and I remember her getting a high fever while on chemo, and I remember how she almost died.

So I know this is possible. I know this could happen. But I sure as hell don't want it to happen to Kristina.

People: She is the HEART of this show. She can't die.

Forget that it would send Adam into a tailspin as a single dad of three, it's also just not OK from a show perspective. Kristina is THE mom. She is so experienced and loving and wonderful. She isn't superfluous. She is central to the show.

After I saw the promo, I got to thinking. If she DOES die, what's next? Does Adam date? Does that woman from the Luncheonette who kissed him come back onto the show? Does Haddie help him raise her little sister?

The more I thought about it, the more disturbed I became. It's the missing element on the show, isn't it? Killing her off would add something. But it would also take something much more important away.

I seriously am not sure if I can stand it if she dies. I will cry for days. Still, I will put $100 on her living. I just don't think the show would go there and I have to believe, if they did, there would be spoilers of some kind out there. Nope. She lives. I am sure of it. 

Do you think Kristina dies in the next episode?

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